Sunday, 31 January 2010

Silver Beaded Corset

I started beading this corset sometime in October and now it's finally finished! The beads have been sewn on over a lace that looks slightly like spiders's very pretty and delicate. The beads themselves are an assortment of fluorite, rose quartz, swarovski crystal, glass seed beads and pearls.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Bronze and Purple Corseted Shot Silk Gown

This corseted gown is based over and eighteenth century corset, that I have altered slightly so that the boning continues down over the hips. The fabric is lined to give it weight and movement and a long train at the back adds to the fairytail effect of the dress. The two-toned fabric works well with such a simple dress and allows the silhouette the shine through. Sleeves could be very flattering on a style like this and greatly add to the period effect.

The photos above were taken by gilbert and evans wedding photography

Off The Shoulder Corseted Bodice and Skirt

This gown comprises of an off the shoulder corset covered with ruched shot silk. All of the bones and seams are hidden and what you are left with is a lovely silhouette. The shirt is made out of layers and layers of tulle, that I lightly sprayed inton around the hem to give it a bit of depth.

Corded Corset Teamed With Tulle Skirt

This nineteenth century corded corset (featured in an earlier post) is very structured. When combined with a fairly fluid skirt it holds it's own remarkably well, especially as i initially meant it to be a purely period study. I think the textures provided by two completly different fabrics is interesting and pretty.

The above photographs were taken by gilbert and evans wedding photography

Duchess Satin Corset, Jacket And Apron Fronted Skirt

The dress above and below consists of a nineteenth century silk duchess satin bridal corset with a short cropped jacket and my take on an apron fronted skirt. The skirt is very slightly bustled and can be made more so with the aid of loops and ties. I wanted to keep the design very simple and clean. I am a great believer of using beautiful fabrics and allowing them to show off the shapes you want to create.

The above photographs were taken by gilbert and evans wedding photography